Sex is doomed

Issue #70

Hello! A busy few weeks have meant this newsletter has been somewhat neglected. Things should be back to normal soon. In the meantime, while not a full newsletter, I do have my selection of interesting and insightful articles I’ve been reading recently. Enjoy 😊 –Sam

Insightful articles

1. Sex really is doomed if young people prefer streaming to getting steamy

‘When people bring the internet home with them (and in to bed with them), it becomes very hard to stop working, arranging, organising, buying and worrying.’

Zoe Strimpe, The Telegraph

2. 4 things trigger the ‘compulsive itch’ for your phone

‘New research identifies a series of triggers, common across age groups, that start and end compulsive smartphone use.’

Sarah McQuate-Washington, Futurity

3. Why pleasure always trumps possessions

‘Just because economists do not know how to price something as ineffable as an experience does not mean it is worth less than, say, equity in a house. A generation that is having a hard time acquiring assets might be rational — not just emotionally justified, but rational — to substitute pleasure for security.’

Janan Ganesh, Financial Times

4. How going hungry affects children for their whole lives

‘Scientists have shown that hunger isn’t just something transient. Hunger during childhood can have a ripple effect that we are only just beginning to understand. The long-term physical and psychological consequences of hunger are serious and have implications for the health of society itself. Food insecurity may be a ticking time-bomb for today’s hungry generations – just how dangerous is it?’

Chris Baraniuk, Mosaic Science

5. How to improve your memory (even if you can’t find your car keys)

‘Everybody has a great memory for something. Incredible memory capacities are latent inside of all of us — if we use the right techniques to awaken them.’

Adam Grant, The New York Times