Learning how to see

A wonderful new podcast from the Centre for Action and Contemplation

Hi everyone,

I wanted to take a few moments to share a new podcast that I’ve been learning so much from these last few weeks. It’s called Learning How to See and each episode in the series of six has been challenging, eye-opening, insightful, and deeply relevant.

Here’s how the podcast is described:

How do we transform and transcend our biases? From judgments made unconsciously to complacency in systemic evil, we must learn how to see if we are to learn how to transform. Center for Action and Contemplation faculty members Brian McLaren and Richard Rohr join Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis Ph.D. of New York’s Middle Church for this special six-episode podcast series Learning How to See. Listen as these three powerful public theologians discuss how seeing is social, political, and contemplative.

Even though there is a religious dimension to this, the message within this series transcends a religious audience. There is simply a breadth of wisdom in the three voices who contribute that is refreshing and uplifting.

Highly recommended. Do check out the six episodes if you get a chance.

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