Happy 8th birthday Imogen!

How did I end up with a youngest daughter who’s now eight years old?! Cliche or not, the years have gone by so, so fast. And my baby, who became a toddler, who became a young girl, is fast becoming a strong, confident, funny, brilliant, and beautiful young woman.

Inevitably, today was not what Imogen originally planned and hoped for for her birthday. She wanted a swimming party, and lots of friends, family, and hugs. There was no swimming of course, but it’s been a pretty great, and memorable day none-the-less. Lots of friends and family have stopped by the end of the drive to wave, say hi, and leave presents. Imogen has smiled all day, with regular refrains of, ‘Best birthday ever!’

We couldn’t love you more, Imogen Grace. You bring so much life, and energy, and joy to our home and our lives. Happy birthday!