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A safe place for book lovers to get ideas, inspiration, and insights


I realise I’ve not posted many updates here for a while now. So let me start by hoping you’re staying safe and well as we continue to live through this toughest of years.

My reason for writing is to introduce a new newsletter called The Book Haven that I’m launching this December. This will be a safe place for book lovers to get ideas, inspiration, and insights.

I’ll be sharing notes on the books I read as well as inviting fellow book lovers to share their favourite books in all manner of categories. And they’ll be various unique elements and surprises with each issue too.

I should add too that all books are allowed! There’s no book that anyone should feel embarrassed about. If it brings you joy and pleasure, that’s all that matters. This is no high-brow hang out!

And it’s worth saying that both fiction and non-fiction books will be included.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride and add your voice to the mix too.

As it’s a separate, single topic newsletter, I won’t automatically transfer your subscription to this newsletter to The Book Haven. I hope though you’ll get subscribed. I think you’ll quickly find there’s something for everyone!

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PS The launch of this new newsletter doesn’t mean the end of this one!