A change of scenery

Introducing my new podcast: ‘The Serendipity Studio’

I’ve been more than a little torn about whether or not to publish this article. With all that’s going on right now as we deal with COVID-19, announcing the launch of a new podcast seems more than a little trivial. At the same time, we all still need some normality in our lives. And other things to think about.

So, with that said, I am excited to announce that I’ve started a podcast!


It’s called The Serendipity Studio, and is focussed on helping people do three things:

  1. reimagine success,

  2. live fully awake,

  3. forge a life of significance.

In the first episode, available now, I introduce the podcast and talk a little bit about what I mean by both success and serendipity.

‘Introducing The Serendipity Studio'

One of the key features of this podcast is the length of the episodes. All of them will be just five minutes long. Long enough to capture something meaningful while respecting the fact that your time is not unlimited.

I’d love it if you’d check it out, subscribe, and, if you like it, leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts.

A slight change of plan

All that said, I am going to be delaying the episodes I originally had planned and creating some initial episodes that are more in harmony with the state of the world right now. So these early episodes will be less focussed on success and significance, and more on ways to keep living life fully awake when we’re surrounded by sickness and anxiety.

I hope you’ll find them helpful!