I’ve sort of shifted to using this newsletter as a space to quickly capture a few thoughts around two or three things I’ve found myself thinking about in the past week or so. I hope there’s something here that may capture your own imagination or trigger some thoughts. As always,…
Zoom wine tasting, a less crazy work life, and falling in love with email again
Reflections on 2020 (so far)
How did I end up with a youngest daughter who’s now eight years old?! Cliche or not, the years have gone by so, so fast. And my baby, who became a todd…
There is only one true ‘whole’ and that is everyone and everything
Introducing my new podcast: ‘The Serendipity Studio’
How ‘habit stacking’ can make starting a new habit much easier
Lots of small, incremental changes have made a big difference to the start of my year
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